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28 March 2006 @ 11:49 am
Why does no one build an raid controller that encrypts the hard drives on the fly?
Is it so difficult to build one i guess no.


At least a chipset was released that implements a dual SATA storage controller via USB/Firewire that has AES encryption.

Using Hardware encryption one still gets 80Mbytes/sec.
26 March 2006 @ 01:43 pm
I need a new cell phone and I am not sure which one I will buy.
I love the new Sony-Ericsson K800i it has everything except WLan but it has a 3 MP auto focus camera
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The Nokia e70 has everything except a decent Camera (it has a 2 MP non auto focus camera) and yes it has Wlan
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and the Sony-Ericsson P990i is very expensive it has a 2 MP Camera with auto focus and I like the fact that it has the same name as a gun

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I guess I will buy the K800i although I have a DSLR I see beautiful scenes so often and I don't have a camera with me.
11 February 2006 @ 04:37 pm
I gained 3 kg during the last 4 weeks but i didn't eat more. Today i looked at the things i eat and counted calories i normally don't do that and i found out some very terrifying facts i drink almost two liters juice per day and guess what, this juice has more than 44 Kcal /100ml that is more than coca cola has. I always wondered why i like it so much.

More than 800 kcal per day just by drinking juice.

And it seemed to be such a healthy drink.

100% made of fruit no additional sugar (because they use 1,7 kg fruits per litre).

When you ask me they remove water to make it sweeter.
10 November 2005 @ 11:36 am
Julius Caesar
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Caesar fought and won a civil war which left him undisputed master of the Roman world, and began extensive reforms of Roman society and government. He was proclaimed dictator for life, and heavily centralized the already faltering government of the weak Republic. Caesar's friend Marcus Brutus conspired with others to assassinate Caesar in hopes of saving the Republic. The dramatic assassination on the Ides of March was the catalyst for a second set of civil wars, which marked the end of the Roman Republic and the beginning of the Roman Empire under Caesar's grand-nephew and adopted son Octavian, later known as Caesar Augustus.
Caesar's military campaigns are known in detail from his own written Commentaries (Commentarii), and many details of his life are recorded by later historians such as Suetonius, Plutarch, and Cassius Dio.

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16 October 2005 @ 12:19 am
The Slow Dancer
Deliberate Gentle Love Dreamer (DGLDm)

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The Hornivore

Random Brutal Sex Master
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21 April 2005 @ 11:40 am
Yesterday I have updated my VF account http://vampirefreaks.com/profile.php?user=haxor I guess it least not empty anymore. And today i have to finish my IPSec presentation it is almost finished but some work still has to be done.
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16 April 2005 @ 05:28 pm
Live seems wired during the last days. Maybe that is because of the fact i wired my floor :) . I have W-LAN now but more cables (50-100m cable, maybe more) than before isn't that ironic. I have also found out that my neighbor has W-LAN too. That is quite interesting because i searched for W-LANs some months ago (Wardriving) and i haven't found one near me.
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